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Nanes-Schnitzer assets frozen in Mexico

David Nanes Schnitzer, the man who had managed to slip his way into Belize’s system under a false name while attaining official documents ranging from social security card to driver’s license and Belizean nationality.  As we heard from Minister Godwin Hulse yesterday, that nationality was revoked and immigration officials are now on the lookout for Nanes-Schnitzer.  Just last week, after being remanded for about two weeks, he was released on a ten thousand dollar bail as he was not deemed a flight risk considering the investments, he and his wife reportedly have in Belize.  But yesterday Nanes-Schnitzer was to report to the police station as part of the conditions of his bail but he never showed up.  While there is no aggressive hunt by the authorities for the man who is wanted by Mexican authorities for involvement in a Ponzi scheme, both police and immigration officials are on the alert. As it pertains to his assets here in Belize, we have been unable to ascertain whether those were freeze but according to a Mexican newspaper, once he was found to be involved in the scheme, his assets in Mexico were frozen.