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NARCIE assists children with disabilities to learn

Every child deserves the opportunity to learn and grow in life. However, the ability to do so can be a challenge for a child with some form of disability. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Education has made room for children with disabilities as explained by Erlett Thomas, the Manager of the National Resource Centre for Inclusive Education, NARCIE, who said that Stella Maris School and other education centres across the country cater to children with disabilities.

Erlett Thomas, Manager, National Resource Center for Inclusive Education: “We have special education classrooms, these classrooms are located in different districts and they’re attached to regular schools. In Toledo we have two centers, Forest Home Methodist and Punta Gorda Methodist. In Stann Creek we have Holy Ghost Primary School. In Cayo we have three classrooms; we have Santa Elena Primary, United Evergreen and we have Garden City. In Orange Walk we have St.Peter’s Anglican and in Corozal we have Mary Hill Primary School and we also have Xunox and San Narciso and these schools their primary focus is to work with children with special needs who cannot fit in the regular classrooms.”

Thomas explained that the classes are set up to facilitate children who learn at a slower pace.

Erlett Thomas, Manager, National Resource Center for Inclusive Education: “In every school that you find students with special needs we have a ratio of teachers to serve them and that is how they can work with the individual need of each child and we also encourage them to do and IEP, the IEP is the Individual Educational Plan so your work is personalized for you.”

Thomas added that some children with disabilities have transition into a regular classroom setting after being accessed by NARCIE.