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Narco Pilot Suspected to Be an Affiliate of the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel

A seventh man suspected to be one of the key players in the recent drug plane landing remains in police custody. He is the co-pilot of the single engine Cessna Centurion who has been identified as 27-year-old, *Jose Alberto Martinez Quintero. He is a Mexican from the Sinaloa State. He was found trying to escape from the Mountain Pine Ridge Area by circumventing the police checkpoint that currently remains at the exit. The alert officers, however, spotted Quintero and he was subsequently arrested. He was detained with some injuries and was taken to an undisclosed medical location where he remains tonight under heavy police guard. Reports to Love News are that Quintero has strong ties to the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel; we sought confirmation from the Police Commissioner. *

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “On Monday we were able to locate the pilot of the plane who is a Mexican and he was severely injured. Apparently suffering from a broken leg and a broken arm. The pilot is admitted in one of our hospitals in this country I’m not going to say where and I wish that you all would not have disclosed because it surely can pose some threat to the institution that he is admitted. Since the announcement by the media that he was at a particular hospital we have moved him to a different area now again for safety reasons. Our operations also unearthed a Toyota Hilux a grey Toyota Hilux which belongs to the wife of one of the Mennonite who we believe is involved in the plane landing and is also detained and has been charged in respect to conspiring to land the plane. That vehicle was found in an area not too far from where the drugs was found. We also believe that that was the vehicle used to move the pilot from where the plane had crashed.”

Commissioner Williams says that the main pilot managed to elude officers on the ground. In fact, Williams says that in most cases the pilot would be quickly removed from the scene as he is the most important asset. And while the pilot managed to escape, investigators believe that more civilians were involved in this drug plane landing.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “The plane actually had two pilots when it came. You had the pilot and the copilot. The one we have in custody is the copilot. Based on what we gathered is that the pilot – because what you all need to understand is that when we have these plan landings the most important asset is the pilot. The pilot is even more important than the drugs because the pilot can always be used to fly again. And so they would always seek to secure the pilot first. So one of the vehicles that evaded the law enforcement team that responded we believe that was carrying the other pilot who I’m told was also injured but not as severely injured as the one who was left behind. The copilot was found not too far from the main outlet near the highway which means they were already trying to take him out of the area but because the checkpoint was there they could not have so they abandoned him before the checkpoint. So what would have been done they would have tried to walk him through the bushes past the checkpoint but then the police were able to spot them and he was intercepted.”

Reporter: Are you able to share more details on the pilot himself ? We understand that he is from the Sinaloa area of Mexico and may have links to the cartel there. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I’m not going to go into too much details. I know he’s a Mexican but I’m not going to go into his connections and these sort of things. Yes we have been able to speak with him but again I’m not going to divulge the nature of our conversation with him.”

Reporter: Is he being cooperative ? 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I’m not going to say that either.”

Reporter: Do investigators believe that there were more people involved in the drug plane landing and may have gotten away ?

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We do believe that there are few, not much who like I said there are those who we believe were manning the drugs so those are still outstanding.”

Reporter: More police officers or civilians ?

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “No, civilians yeah.”