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“A Narrative of Political Parties in Belize”

Lawrence Vernon is a career librarian. Vernon was appointed to the National Library Service in 1956 and his mission has been to strengthen and expand the public libraries network in Belize. Today at the Leo Bradley Library, Vernon released a book he has written called A Narrative of Political Parties in Belize. Vernon spoke to the media following the press launch.

Lawrence Vernon – Librarian: “My intention as you mentioned was to put all the information and the political parties at that time into one book and I started out by providing this information to students and so I decided to document it for myself so that people don’t have to come to ask diverse information and have it one book. I’m a career librarian and as such I feel that I should collect information, document it and disseminiate it and that is why today I think we are called information specialists rather than librarians. But the people who lived the political development from the 1950s I suppose some of them are still alive, can attest to the fact that the agitation at that time was great and one of the things that we missed today is that we don’t have public meetings. Maybe the rostrum has disappeared from our culture and I believe the public meetings, maybe it was necessary at the time to get the people agitated more but I believe it’s necessary today to inform the people of what is going on within the political parties. I know we have press conferences but it’s not like en mass people gathering and listening to a politician on a rostrum.”

The book is a testament to the author’s persistent dedication since 1987 to ensuring that the contributions of all the political parties to Belize’s development will not go unrecognized.