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National AIDS Commission launches app

This morning the National AIDS Commission (NAC) launched its NAC HIV Testing Services app in the hopes of encouraging more people to get tested and know their HIV Status.  Love News spoke with Enrique Romero, Executive Director of the National AIDS Commission, who said that the app will allow users to identify testing locations countrywide.

Enrique Romero – Executive Director of the National AIDS Commission: “This is an initiative from the National AIDS Commission that is in line with its mandate of providing reliable and up to date information to persons infected and affected by HIV and AIDS and Tuberculosis and again it is part of our mandate because the National AIDS Commission is the multi-sectoral agency that is responsible for the coordination and facilitation and monitoring of the National Response to HIV/AIDS and TB in the country. We have current grants with the global fund and we were able to get along with United Ministries Development Program,which is principal recipient, we are able to use in the grant so those monies were then used by the National AIDS Commission secretariat to launch its particular app and like I said the NAC has a standing committee,  the information and indication and communication subcommittee but the committee was responsible for the spearheading the development of the concept of this particular app and we thought that it was instrumental because this app allows like I said users to be able use their phones, their tablets, their computers to easily identify a location where HIV testing services are available and they can then access the testing services and as well other services at the Medical health Facility .

Johnelle Mckenzie: “ Do you believe that more people will get tested as a result of this app.”

Enrique Romero Executive Director National Aids Commision:” It is our hope that this tool will be utilized by the general public as a tool for accessing information as well as for accessing medical health services.”

Love news also spoke with Joseph Roches, the Chief Executive Officer of LXJ Limited that developed the app.

Joseph Roches – Chief Executive Officer of LXJ Limited: “You go to your play site or the App store on Apple and type in NAC Belize and it will be the first one on the list. The best feature of it is the GPS part to get location to the nearest location in terms of hospital.”

Johnelle Mckenzie:Easy to use for people?”

Joseph Roches CEO LXJ Ltd: “Real easy to use, if you could use facebook then this app will be like the easiest thing ever used.”

This is the second app that NAC has launched; the first one was Infections app, which was launched in 2016.