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National Committee for Families and Children Sworn In

A ceremony for the NCFC Committee was held this morning in Belize City. The National Committee for Families and Children was established with the primary goal to protect the rights of children and their families. The NCFC’s work is in line with the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The NCFC is also tasked with advocating for legal and policy reforms that would further contribute to the development of children and families in the country. But over the years, the public hasn’t been familiarized with the work of the NCFC and today we asked Chair Arreini Palacio-Morgan, how the Committee plans to move forward.

Arrereini Palacio Morgan, Chair, NCFC

Arrereini Palacio Morgan, Chair, NCFC: “The mandate is very clear for the National Committee for Families and Children. The committee itself is just convened however the work of the commission and the committee has continued. We have subcommittees and we also have the secretariat of the National Committee for Families and Children so several activities have taken place recently including the International Day of Families, the Sustainable Child Friendly Municipalities program, a Men’s Legal Forum, different activities centered around the promotion of healthy families and also children as you know families are the foundation and we definitely have to work towards strengthening that foundation. The committee itself coordinates and then we also implement so all of our partner agencies would do much of the implementing. For us and how we see yourself going forward we are thankful that we have a dynamic committee, a new committee. We need fresh ideas, fresh perspectives, how best to do our work, how do we move and stay relevant in changing times so we look forward to those perspectives coming in and feeding into the activities and the work plan of the committee.”

The NCFC works with multi-sectoral members and is the major advisory body to the government on families and children’s issues.