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National CompStat launched to effectively combat crime

The Belize Police Department today launched the first National CompStat, short for COMpare STATistics, in Belmopan. It is a performance management system for police departments that is used primarily to reduce crime. It is also used to achieve other police department goals.  The Belize Police Department has been using the tool at a regional level but has now moved to using it at a national level to better analyze and deal with the crime situation. It will be the first time that the entire department will be meeting using the CompStat model. Based on the information shared in those meetings, the department will disburse resources accordingly to effectively combat crime. Deputy Commissioner of Police and Operations Commander Chester Williams explains further at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan.

DCP Chester Williams: “While in the region COMPSTAT the Regional Commander holds the Precinct Commanders accountable in this COMPSTAT now I hold the Regional Commanders accountable for what is taking place within their respective regions. Another advantage to the national COMPSTAT  is that it gives all the Regional Commanders the opportunity to be able to see what is happening countrywide and with that they will be able to develop strategies to deal primarily with transient criminals. As you know that is one of the problems that we are having where criminals are moving from one area to the other and with the intense level of operations we have on going in Belize City ,particularly in region one, we are seeing the displacement of criminal activities into other areas and so the other regional commanders need to be able to put things in place to guard against those from occurring.”

COMPSTAT has four generally recognized core components:  timely and accurate information or intelligence; rapid deployment of resources; effective tactics; and relentless follow-up.  And the work begins immediately. DCP Williams says that moving forward, the department is looking at national figures and comparing these to last year to develop a strategy to tackle crime in 2019.

DCP Chester Williams: “We want to ensure that come 2019 we have a good system in place; we have good strategies so that we are able to ensure that we make 2019 a better year from a Police standpoint. So this is a very good initiative and we are hoping that we will be able to do this either monthly or quarterly. At the end of the meeting today I will discuss with the commanders and we will be able to make recommendations as to what they believe is best, if it is monthly or quarterly. At the end of the day I do not want to be the one pushing things down to them but for us to be able to discuss as a team and then we see how we can move forward from there.”