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National Fire Service wants you to be safe during the holidays

Many go all out for the holiday season baking the goods, exchanging gifts and hanging the Christmas lights. However, if one is not careful the lights that make the holidays all bright may end up being a fire hazard.  With one more holiday left, the National Fire Service provided some helpful tips to keep everyone safe during the celebration.

Orin Smith – Station Manager for the National Fire Service:  New Years celebration. That’s something that a lot of people look forward to year after year. It’s a particular time of the year when they go out and they party mostly all night. Those families that have young children I advise that if they are planning on going out, leave them under the care of a responsible adult, by all means do not leave children to look after children and when I say responsible adult I mean someone who is not really a senior citizen that cannot keep up with the activities of these children but someone who is of good age, mature enough and responsible enough and is able to keep up with their activities. In terms of the fire crackers, in particular sparkles do not leave children unsupervised to play with these items- they are dangerous, they can harm and if used incorrectly can create fire. Do not put firecrackers under glass bottles because when they break they can fragment and cause injury to those within the immediate impacted area.”