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National Forensics Loses Evidence in Murder Trial

Twenty-three year old Jordan Cayetano, charged with the murder of 32 year old Chinese shopkeeper, Yan Ying Chen, walked out of the court of Justice John Gonzalez a free man today when a nolle prosequi was entered, indicating that the prosecution does not wish to proceed. Chen was shot three times at around 1:30 p.m. on April 2, 2011, while she was at her shop, Rose Grocery, located on King Street. Crown Counsel Rene Montero entered the nolle prosequi after an oral confession, allegedly given by Cayetano, was not admitted as evidence and attorney Anthony Sylvestre, one of Cayetano’s attorneys, made a submission that Cayetano does not have a case to answer. The other attorney was Dickie Bradley. At the end of a voire dire, Justice Gonzalez, who was judge and jury, ruled that he cannot accept the oral confession because he was of the view that it was given under oppressive circumstances. Cayetano had testified at the voire dire that he was punched to his ribs several times, threatened, choked and shocked with an electric cord by members of the GSU. Police officer Ismael Westby, who was a Sergeant at the time, was called as a witness for the defense. He said that the oral confession that Cayetano gave was that he shot the Chinese woman because the police had locked up his general, Shiney. Westby said that Cayetano was asked to give a caution statement but he declined and he started to cry. Apart for the oral confession the Crown had relied on ballistic evidence but the expended shells that were collected at the scene were misplaced at the National Forensic Services. According to the police, Cayetano, who was apprehended shortly after the incident, was found with a nine millimeter pistol which they believed was the murder weapon.