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National Garifuna Council donate food hampers to the elderly

Harry Arzu reporting...

“Love is the only thing in the world that covers all pains and makes someone feel  wonderful again and it is by this mission statement that the members of the National Garifuna Council live by. This kindness of love was shown during a special valentine’s day church event that took place in the coastal village over the weekend. The council provided food hampers to five senior citizens with the assistances of the village chairman. The president of the council said that the recipients of the food hampers were much appreciative of their gifts and felt a sense of belonging. The funds to provide the hampers was made possible through fund raisers carried out by Gregoria Estrada Augustine. The five wonderful grandmothers who received the food hampers are Henrietta Cruz, Monica Martinez, Deboria Cruz, Koreen Ogaldez and Dorothy Ramirez.