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National Garifuna Council launches women’s arm

In commemoration of Women’s Month, the National Garifuna Council launched its women’s arm, which will address issues directly relating to women. The launch was held at the Sandy Beach

Cynthia Topsey, Co Convener: “We had the opportunity to declare the launch of the women’s arm of the National Garifuna Council as an intent of a process of conversation and consultation so that we are preparing for a big event in November which is the month of the Garifuna people. We had Mrs.Phyllis Cayetano who is my Co Convener she was the keynote speaker and she made reference to a lot of the achievements of Garifuna Women which have been hidden from history. So we are bringing out the contributions of the Garifuna women in a more succinct way and not leaving it to the imagination. It focuses on the issue of women in relationship to family because women don’t stand by themselves so we are looking at the concerns of women as we contribute to the development of our families and our communities. So men are welcomed and are always welcomed to be a part of that conversation.”

Women’s Cooperative in Hopkins village on Sunday. Love News spoke with Cynthia Ellis-Topsey, Co-Convener, about the launch.

A total of fifty persons participated.