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National Housing Policy – A Move Towards Social Housing in Belize

Today was the first day of discussions in creating a National Policy that will focus on charting a way forward for sustainable, equitable Social housing in Belize. The policy is expected to be completed in three months. Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Michael Finnegan addressed stakeholders.


“In my view this must be meaningful. We must sit down and we must work and we have got to find a way to come up with ideas to help the Government of Belize in the formulation of this housing policy. For SICA and for the German Agency of International Cooperation, we on behalf of the people of Belize, we would be grateful for you sir that when this is all said and done and the policy is formulated that you would be able to help us in moving in a direction so that we can access finances to do what we want to do because as you all know monies are very important. We cannot do anything without money. The country is moving along in a beautiful direction right now because of the lots of infrastructural development that is taking place through PetroCaribe … and ladies and gentlemen I know that you will put your heads to the wheel and to the shoulder and you will help us in arriving at a just policy and when we are through from here today and tomorrow it doesn’t end here. We have got to get back in touch with you people here, with the facilitators that came all the way from El Salvador to help us we have got to get back with you and we have got to get back on several occasions in order to make headway and to arrive at the policy.”

The workshop which is being held at the Best Western Hotel, ends tomorrow.