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National Security and Compol comment on the 15 Guatemalan and the 49K US

Last week Friday, the Belize Coast Guard caught fifteen Guatemalan Nationals in four boats in southern Belize along Moho Creek. The Coastguard uncovered 3 bundles of US currency with 49 thousand US dollars and smaller denominations of Guatemalan quetzals. Typically when more than 10 thousand Belize dollars enter the country, the Financial Intelligence Unit must be notified as it typically takes custody of the cash during an investigation. The Belize Coast Guard apparently handed over the men to the police, who then promptly let the 15 men, the boat and the cash go on their merry way. We asked the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams and Felix Enriquez, the CEO for the Ministry of National Security about who fouled up the situation.

The men also had 11 cell phones in a bag which was also returned to them.