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National Security Ministry to Get a Boost in Equipment

While Prime Minister Barrow spoke of plans for a paved highway to Caracol which he says will improvements in Belize’s national security efforts in the Caracol area, he did speak of additional measures and investments being made in the Ministry of National Security.


“We are pleased with the disbursement, start now, of the 30 million U.S. Cabei loan. As has been detailed, the monies will assist the police, the BDF and the Coast Guard. The improvement in forensic capability that is part of the deal, should, together with improved policing, lead to a better crime solving and conviction rate. This dramatic GOB infusion of money and resources, together with the revised south side strategy of the police high command, should contribute to the reversal of the alarming spike in the murder rate, especially in Belize City, that this year brought. The Coast Guard will get, among other things, two new, latest model vessels for maritime protection and illegal drugs and fishing interdiction and the BDF will be able to acquire multiple additional assets that, along with the one helicopter already confiscated and the two more coming from Taiwan, will greatly increase its capacity as the front line guardian of our territorial integrity.”