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National Sports Council and Football Federation of Belize Signs MOU for the Improvement of Football in Belize

A memorandum of understanding has been signed between the National Sports Council (NSC) and the Football Federation of Belize (FFB). In general terms, the two sides committed to improving the sport of football across the country. The Sports Council Director Ian Cal and FFB President Sergio Chuc spoke on the significance of this document and how it will foster relations between the two sides.

Ian Ical, Director, National Sports Council: “We decided  to engage together with FFB on a collaborative effort to sign an MOU which will see a continuation of the partnership that FFB has always had with the National Sports Council. We believe that as a mandate at the National Sports Council being that we’re mandate with all the disciplines in the country and FFB being mandated when it comes to football we have to see the continued development of football in this country. FFB’s mandate is to ensure that young people are engaged in football and play and being that we belong to the Ministry of Youth Sports and E Governance at the same time we believe that it is something important that we must move forward together in the development of this discipline.”

Sergio Chuc, President, Football Federation of Belize

Sergio Chuc, President, Football Federation of Belize: “FFB saw it fit to pen this legal document, a memorandum of understanding, where we will be collaborating with the National Sports Council in developing football in specific all around the country. We will be giving the national sports council our technical skills. We will be training coaches that are affiliated with the sports council and where we see it necessary the FFB will also be investing in the sports council facilities that need some sort of repair to get it up to playing standards so it’s a mutual collaboration where we could see both organizations benefiting tremendously.”

The agreement was signed by Cal, Chuc and Sports Council Chairman, Linsford Castillo