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National Sports Council donates to CODICADER Games

This morning, the National Sports Council handed over a cheque for twenty-five thousand dollars to the National Secondary Schools Sports Association and the Belize Association of Principals for Secondary Schools (BAPSS) to help meet some of the expenses of the CODICADER Games. The National Sports Council Director, Ian Jones spoke to the media.

Ian Jones – Director, National Sports Council: The age range for this year’s CODICADER falls under the jurisdiction of NSSSA and I believe it’s for the first time the sports council is making such a financial contribution to NSSSA. When I was in high school and an athlete, we had to represent Belize, we as students had to go out and solicit funds in order to represent the country, from then I didn’t like the process. I didn’t believe that if I am representing the country I should have to be soliciting my own funds so this is a small part that the National sports council is doing to help curve things of the sort. In addition to that we will also being signing an MOU in the near future with NSSSA and BAPSS to further this relationship with Sports council and the two organizations. I must say that NSSSA is one of the most organized sporting associations in the country.

Jeaneane Vanessa Neal, the Principal of St. Ignatius High School and Executive Member of BAPSS says that the contribution will go a long way towards helping with the expenses.

Jeaneane Vanessa Neal – Executive Member of BAPSS: This is a great help from the Ministry of education along with NSC to assist BAPSS. We have total of one hundred and eighty plus students that will be flying to panama, I must say that we are flying out our students, usually we would have them take the bus and have to get to the country very tired but at this time we must say that it will cost each high school over $21,000 Belize dollars for example my school St. Ignatius High school is representing the female football team, we are the national champs so we are representing not only the school but the country on a whole and I must say that every little money that is being contributed to each of our high schools, our athletes, both female and male students representing our schools and of course the country is very much appreciated.

In a few weeks’ time, the National Sports Council will be contributing another cheque of twenty-five thousand dollars. Belize will be participating in five sporting disciplines at the CODICADER Games, which is scheduled to take place from September 14 to September 23, in Panama.