National Sports Council Honors CARIFTA Games Athletes

National Sports Council Honors CARIFTA Games Athletes

The National Sports Council held a motorcade over the weekend for Belizean athletes Demetrie Myers and Brooklyn Lyttle, to celebrate their achievements at the recent Caribbean Free Trade Association (CARIFTA) games. Initially, the motorcade was cut short, due to the rain, and they were taken to the Marion Jones Sporting Complex for a press conference. Minister of Youth and Sports Rodwell Ferguson said that the athletes are proof of what Belizeans can do if they receive the right training and stressed that greater resources need to be allocated for youth athletes. 

Rodwell Ferguson, Minister of Youth and Sports: “Going to CARIFTA games is a very interesting forum because three countries dominated CARIFTA Forum that was Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and Bahamas because they invested heavily in the athletes. Jamaica even has a school of athletics and we are fortunate that Greg was able to negotiate for one Jaden Williams to attend Jamaica School of Athletics in September of this year. We appreciate very much. Because Jaden can go and come back and showcase Belize just like these two young athletes. Well we did extremely well. We had four participants in the race and we bring back a gold and a bronze. That is exceptional, Many countries took several participants and did not take back a medal to their country. Because of Jamaica’s investment in the athletic field they took back eighty four medals. They were outstanding in almost every single race but  because they invested in young people at ethe early age. I’m hopeful as the Minister of Sports, Belize will have to do some serious starts and serious consideration to figure out who we can invest and by investing in our young people we become ambassadors of our country.”

After the conference, the motorcade resumed with an amended route and the Council took the athletes to lunch. We caught up with Little and Myers who shared their experience competing and what they are looking forward to next.

Brooklyn Lyttle, Bronze Medalist, Carifta Games: “It was a very new experience for me seeing the crowd how hype they were, how loud they were and excited. It was very motivating but also nerve wracking so I wanted to do my very best for Belize so it was a nice experience. I’m very happy about the medal. I always feel like I can do even better than I did so getting the bronze is even more motivation to just get even better. I train a lot, usually four or five times a week and I wasn’t used to the weather actually I’m used to more cooler weather so coming out in the sun it was very different but I was just grateful that I trained. I just want to train, get better, bring home more medals for Belize and I don’t know I’ll go back to the US on Monday, I live in Maryland and I go to Elizabeth Seton Highschool, it’s an all girls school. I also compete for them during the school year and I’m just training to get better for my team there and for Belize.”

Demetrie Myers, Gold Medalist, Carifta Games: “Last year and the past two years I’ve competed at the CARIFTA Games. My first year was in Jamaica, last year was in Nassau Bahamas and now this year in Grenada and in the past three years I’ve won I think five medals. I won three golds and one silver medal. In the past three years I’ve competed in the 1500, 3000 and 800 one time. In the 1500 I literally would travel competing and I got fifth place and then in the 3000 on Monday I was able to win a gold medal. It was an amazing experience even though I think I coulda done better I still am grateful for the experience of being able to go to different countries and be able to compete. It takes a lot of work and a lot of discipline and discipline is probably the key to it all because a lot of athletes around the world could have all the best work, the best coaches but if they’re not disciplined and focused the stars might not shine right for them.”

Myers earned a gold medal in the 3000 meters event while Lyttle captured bronze in the long jump event.  Both medals were earned in the Under-17 category.

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