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National Student Union of Belize prepares Belize/Guatemala Forum

The National Student Union of Belize is hosting a forum on Guatemala’s unfounded claim over Belize. On the 10th of April, the country will have a referendum and decide if they claim will be forwarded to the International Court of Justice to determine a final outcome over land that Guatemala is claiming. The president of the National Student Union, Kevin Berganza told Love News the event which will be held in the Capital next week, is open to all who wish to attend.

Kevin Bergana President National Student Union Belize: “We know that this current Guatemala Belize dispute is quite trending and it is a national issue however there have been several forums that have taken place especially with foreign affairs and other organizations. Now we as a students organization we cater for student needs, we represent them, support them and empower them. We decided that we wanted to take up such a cause so we are holding this forum here at the University of Belize on the 27th of March and that is next week Wednesday from 2 o’clock to 4 o’clock PM. The whole purpose of this is so that students can be heard. I know some of them have very interesting questions that that they haven’t even gotten a chance to ask several experts on so we decided that this could be a platform for them so they can ask those questions that they had an so mainly it is the student center.”

Jose Sanchez: “Will there be panelists who are the people that will be educating these students?”

Kevin Bergana President National Student Union Belize:Right well we have invited six panelist so far and those people are Lindsey Belisle the Boundary Commissioner of Belize, we invited Mr. Lloyd Jones a veteran BDF, we invited Ambassador Rosado but hasn’t confirmed as yet, we have invited a Professor from the University of Belize Mr. Ross but he hasn’t confirmed  yet and also we are looking forward to inviting the Bakassi Peninsula. Do you remember the video with the lady from the Bakassi Peninsula, we are inviting her as well to give a fifteen minute presentation on her perspective.”

The forum will take place in Belmopan at the University of Belize Jaguar Auditorium on Wednesday, March 27 from 2 pm to 4 pm.