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National U-15 to represent Belize at CONCACAF Games

Today, the Football Federation of Belize held a press conference to introduce the National U-15 Baby Jaguars, female football team which will be representing Belize at the CONCACAF games in Florida. Iris Centeno, the Women’s Director of the Football Federation of Belize, said she is convinced that the girls can win.

Iris Centeno Womens Director FFB: Today I am super happy, very happy to be here. I am happy because I like that female football is being supported and I can see the interest the country is giving us and I can tell you that the U15 selection adventure started on the 20th of June 2018 when forty four players were called to the camp and our technical director selected the best thirty outstanding players to stay and continue this process. We will be leaving tomorrow to Benton Orlando Florida with the only objective of winning and making Belize proud. I know that our girls can do this and I am very confident that my technical staff as well as manager have been doing an excellent job. We will be competing in group F. We have St. Kitts that we will be playing against the 6th of June; thats a Monday in the morning and I know that we will win. The second day the 7th we will play against Martinique and on the 9th of June we will be playing against Virgin islands.

The team will leave Friday, August 3rd for Bradenton, Florida, where the CONCACAF games will be played at the world-renowned IMG Academy Campus from August 6th to13th. Meanwhile, the Barbados’s male National Football Team is in Belize to compete against our national team in a friendly match to help them prepare for the CONCACAF nation’s league, which commenced in September. Marlon Kuylen, Football Federation of Belize’s Senior Vice President explained more about the competition.

Marlon Kuylen Senior Vice President FFB: We are preparing for the Nations League CONCACAF Nations League that starts in September.  We have had a series of friendlies and the last one being now with Barbados that we will be playing in San Pedro on Saturday August 4th. CONCACAF is made up forty one countries and its countries from North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Six of these countries have already qualified for the 2019 Gold Cup being USA, México, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras and Trinidad. Thirty four of the remaining teams are now competing for the CONCACAF like I said Gold Cup which will be comprised of sixteen teams.  So ten of the thirty four teams that are competing in the Nations League will qualify to the Gold Cup and hopefully Belize will be one of them.

Ahmed Mohammad, Head Coach of the Barbados National Team, said this is not the first time Belize and Barbados are competing in a friendly match.

Ahmed Mohammad Head Coach Barbados National Team: This is our second game playing against Belize. There is one of our preparations for the Nations League and as we all know and as you know we have two openings from the Central American region. This means that we are going to play against  El Salvador and Nicaragua at the Nations League. I know it is a friendly game, it is a preparation for the Nations League and I’m hoping from the Belizean side that they give us a really good well competed game and I’m looking forward for this game.

The friendly match will take place on Saturday in San Pedro.