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National Women’s Commission reviews the impact of its interventions

The National Women’s Commission is championing the achievement of gender equality, which is goal five of the Sustainable Development Goals.  In this regard, there is a National Gender Policy which contains a roadmap to attaining “gender-equality and gender equity”. Today, the National Women’s Commission held a National Consultation Workshop, where it reviewed the National Gender-Based Violence Action Plan as well as the National Gender Policy.  Love news spoke with Cynthia Williams, Executive Director of the National Women’s Commission who said that they are looking to see how these two documents are aligned.

Cynthia Williams – Executive Director, National Women’s Commission: “ We are taking this opportunity to review the different interventions, we have invited various stakeholders across the sectors including: Health, Police, NGO and others to come back and tell us you know what has happened with these activities whether these activities have been implemented or not and what may be some of the impact that it has had. Having said that it helps the National Women’s Commission in really monitoring and evaluating it at the end so that we can better implement these activities particularly because many of the activities are not under the direct responsibility of the Commission but rather through other government Ministries and its how do we ensure that we have that stakeholder consultation and that stakeholder buy in.

Williams said that their efforts extend to rural communities, in order for them to reach vulnerable populations.