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National Workshop to establish a Sustainable Transport Plan

The Ministry of Works is holding a two-day national workshop on integrated and sustainable logistics and mobility at the Bull Frog Inn in Belmopan.  It is believed that this will help to advance our national and regional objectives of a sustainable transport plan.  Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, ECLAC is partnering with Belize to assist with the infrastructure services. Minister of Works, Rene Montero, addressed the gathering.

Rene Montero – Minister of Works

“Improved infrastructure is only one component in the sustainable development strategy to further improve the competitiveness of products and services and efficient logistic policy needs to be in place and the approach to such systems needs to be inclusive and multidisciplinary. Our government is cognizant of the fact that its current logistics system still has significant shortcomings regarding its efficiency, safety, and sustainability which is why this national workshop on integrated sustainable logistics and mobility policy is an important step in achieving some of the government’s sustainable development goals. In this context this workshop is held for the purpose of developing the necessary multi-sectorial linkages between the logistics and the mobility sector and other public policies and to encourage healthy discussions aimed at finding solutions for the current policy gaps and to learn from the experiences that our colleagues from the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean had in the region.”

The stakeholders participating in the workshop include high-level policy-makers, public servants from the Ministry of Works and Transport, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.