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National Youth Council Condemns Recent City Murders

On Thursday, the National Youth Council issued a release addressing the three murders that occurred on Wednesday. The National Youth Council says it is a sad and unfortunate situation when our nation has to deal with the loss of young, budding life and it is even more unfortunate when we analyze the state of affairs over the past few years and realize, that it is the trend of our generation to see young men slain. The Council said its main objective is to look at the wider interest of the young population and fight for its protection. The Council says, like most Belizeans they want to see a solution. They are asking the Belize Police Department to involve them in discussions, meetings, planning and community outreach, especially when the topic is the young people of Belize. The Council says it would like to be in constant communication with the youth and it is their hope to add constructive criticism to Police planning, from the perspective of young people themselves. The National Youth Council also calls on parents, teachers and community leaders to guide the path on which these young people walk. The Council is encouraging those young people who believe they can help in arriving at a solution to contact them at nattionalyouthcouncilbz@gmail.com.