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NAVCO President meets with government minister for rural development

It may seem unbelievable but reports to our newsroom are that the former Minister of Rural Development did not meet with the National Association of Village Councils (NAVCO) for over a decade.  That situation, however, was kinda remedied recently when Rural Development Ministers Oscar Requena and Ramiro Ramirez met with NAVCO’s President Javier Sabido.  In yesterday’s meeting Sabido told Love news that several burning issues were ventilated with the main issue being the lack of respect shown to village councils by central government.

Javier Sabido, NAVCO President:Many of the times we would see that our village councils are not taken into consideration like what happened in the previous administrations which I was fighting very hard that all our village chairpersons be taken into consideration whenever there are activities coming from the government and this is very important and I have been fighting very hard since day one with the previous government and now with this new administration I also make that emphasis and I was glad that the minister Oscar Requena and minister Ramiro Ramirez gave me a warm welcome and they were very happy to be meeting with them yesterday and they’re fully committed as well to work along with NAVCO to move forward and all of the rural communities in Belize. I also mentioned that the rural communities they deliver effectively and equitability when it comes to the different government services. Also I did mention that we in the rural communities we make up more than 50% of the population in Belize and we have been forgotten for years.”

As for the breakdown in communication between the former Minister of Rural Development Sabido noted that he did make several attempts to meet with him but his requests went unanswered.

Javier Sabido, NAVCO President: “To be honest with you you know I had called and set up an appointment with the previous minister the ex minister Carla Barnett and unfortunately they never gave me an exact date or time. I was insisting for a meeting like this to happen after I was elected as the NAVCO president but unfortunately every time they told me that the minister was so busy and couldn’t attend to me. So I really felt bad and because I didn’t have that communication with the former minister of rural development at the time. But now I am happy that whenever I call Minister Oscar Requena’s secretary she responded quick and set up an appointment and she told me that the minister is available to see me and I was happy and I was really looking forward for that meeting and I am glad that I met with them and also the minister of state honorable Ramirez as well. So I believe and I’m very confident that working together with the ministers responsible for rural communities we’ll move forward and we’ll have better rural communities throughout the country of Belize.”

According to Sabido the ministry is currently assisting the villages that were impacted by the devastating floods that impacted Belize recently.