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NCFC launches parenting guide

This morning the National Committee for Families and Children, NCFC launched the national parenting guide entitled The Art of Parenting.  The launch took took place at the Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza in Belize City.  Love News was there and spoke with Diana Pook, Civic Education Coordinator at the Ministry of Human Development who says that the parenting task force that compiled the parenting guide looked at prevention and intervention strategies to ensure that the child gets the best parenting possible.

Diana Pook – Civic Education Coordinator, Ministry of Human Development:“This covers Child Development, positive parenting and different things when it comes to parenting for a lifetime, dealing with budgeting, dealing with grief and loss, with separation, with divorce, information about children with disabilities so it has little bit of everything. The whole manual has to say with the rights based approach of course, we have the rights listed in the manual and it explains how each one parents should use them towards their children so take for example the rights to a shelter, the right to an education and then there are different areas in the manual that talk about how parents can deal with education, how they can support a Child’s education through their lifetime.”

Pook said that the guide will only be available to facilitators of parenting workshops.