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NCFC says the safety of our children is everybody’s responsibility

Last week, we told you that it was alleged that popular taxi man, seventy-six-year-old Roy “Bullet” Craig, sexually assaulted a 16-year-old boy. According to the police, upon responding to a 911 call on Friday night, January 5, they discovered Craig in the company of the boy in a hotel room. Today, Love News spoke to the Executive Director of the National Committee for Families and Children (NCFC), Margaret Nicholas, about the incident.

Margaret Nicholas – Executive Director of NCFC

“In terms of ensuring that it will never happen again, I cannot say how we are going to ensure that this will never happen again because unfortunately, these things happen in the dark, but a lot of it will depend on us as citizens because in that particular instance somebody called, somebody reported it. We have to be more vigilant all of us because collectively it is all our responsibility. A child is a child and yes the age of sexual consent is still sixteen but we all know that anybody under the age eighteen is a child.”

Nicholas said there are now more laws to ensure the protection of our children.

Margaret Nicholas – Executive Director of NCFC

“Notwithstanding all that we have been seeing and hearing quite a bit has been happening in terms of child protection because we have protocols we have better laws, we have better protection. I know a lot of people are concerned about our laws because of the disparity within our laws but I think that the fact that we have amended the criminal code to take into consideration the protection of boys because that was not possible before.”

Nicholas explained that many times when children are sexually abused, the perpetrators is someone they know. Nicholas said that it will take the public working along with the non-government organizations to bring an end to sexual abuse against our children.