NDACC Launches Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign for Easter Holiday

NDACC Launches Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign for Easter Holiday

The National Drug Abuse Control Council (NDACC) has partnered with various enforcement agencies to launch an anti-drunk driving campaign for the Easter Holiday. NDACC has been rolling out the annual “Driving Under the Influence of Drugs” campaign countrywide with the hopes of preventing traffic accidents and fatalities over the long weekend. Director of NDACC Esner Vellos spoke on the importance of collaboration to ensure the message gets out.

Esner Vellos, Director, NDACC: “As every year in Easter and in any other special occasion, the Ministry of Health and Wellness through the National Drug Abuse Control Council ensures that we create a campaign that will be able to highlight the awareness that is needed in the area of drunk driving. We live in a country where alcohol is one of the most predominant substance that is used by our population, right? And that in itself brings other issues such as driving under the influence that causes accidents, as well as other health issues. But primarily for this Easter we’re ensuring that the general population gets the knowledge, gets the information, and make the right choices before they hit the road or before they go into the waters or before to go anywhere that may jeopardize their livelihood, right? So the National Drug Abuse Control Council and the Ministry of Health ensures that we team up with the police department, the different traffic entities as well as our community health workers so that we make sure that the word reaches to every single individual so that for this Easter we don’t only have a happy and safe Easter but also ensure that we protect our lives and protect the lives of all those we love.”

Kerwick Samuels, Outreach Case Worker at NDACC, says the campaign is targeting everyone using the roads this easter, even pedestrians.

Kerwick Samuels, Outreach Case Worker, NDACC: “Yeah, so we have multiple offices in every district, right and every office is doing something different. We’re trying to target rural areas as well as urban areas, right? We organize numerous traffic stops with the help of our partners, and we would give out flyers and information about driving under the influence of drugs. Because you know, around the Easter time, there is a lot of people that would drink and drive. So we’re trying to give them education and information so they understand the dangers of it. And it’s very important for us as drivers to also realize that it’s not only us. We have our passengers that we have to take care of, and individuals we’ve spoken to individuals that are pedestrians that walk because we fail to realize that when you’re drinking and you’re walking on the street you can still put someone in jeopardy. Because we have a lot of people that would get into accidents because someone is under the influence and they’re walking, right, in the middle of the road or the middle of the street, right? So we’re targeting individuals that ride their bicycles as well. We’re looking at individuals that have motorcycles because a lot of times people we’re more reckless when we’re drinking. So we would not buckle our helmets. We would have more than two people on the motorcycle, one with a helmet and one without. So it’s very important for individuals to know that. So that’s why we’re working on this campaign, so that individuals could have a very safe Easter, an enjoyable Easter, but safe Easter as well.”

A 2019 report from the World Health Organization shows that road injuries are among the top five causes of death for Belizean men.

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