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NEAB holds Family Values Rally

Today, the National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB) held a Family Values Rally in front of the National Assembly to create awareness that the family is being eroded. The President of NEAB, Pastor Lance Lewis said that the church has a message for the nation, that is, “God wants to see the family together because without the family unit functioning properly and effectively, the nation will be destroyed.” Lewis said the root of the problems that we face as a nation is as a result of the breakdown of families.

Lance Lewis – President of NEAB

“Dr.Herbert Gale said that the breakdown of families is a major part of our problem. We feel that if we can keep the family unit together it will stem it. We want to educate persons and we want to do more in our churches and outside of our churches to try and get people together to realize the seriousness of staying together. We are also promoting the idea of getting married because the bible clearly tells us that sex outside of marriage is wrong, it says marriage is honorable and the bed undefiled but whoremongors and adulterers God will judge.”

The recent amendment to the Misuse of Drugs Act whereby up to 10 grams of marijuana was decriminalized is an issue the church was firmly against. The Evangelical Churches see the passage of this law as well as the striking down of Section 53 of the Criminal Code in August 2016, as an attack on family values. Kerm Thimbrel, a husband and a father is concerned.

Kerm Thimbrel

“When we are looking at these legislations that are coming our way it rears a lot of concerns because we previously had the whole LGBT agenda where there is this push to redefine what the family really is and in my view it is bringing so much confusion into our society and fundamentally its almost taking the authority from parents to be able to effectively train their children.”

Pastor Scott Stirm, Vice President of NEAB, said that the church is not against marijuana being used for medicinal purposes.

Pastor Scott Stirm – Vice President of NEAB

“As National Evangelical Association of Belize obviously we fully support the concept of medical marijuana for areas where that is needed we also supported the compassionate concept of creating an alternative track towards expungement we agree with the philosophy of somebody’s life not being marked for the rest of their life with a criminal record; if someone made a stupid mistake when they were young and have changed there should be a track to be able to get expungement so we share those concerns and we are in agreement in those areas but the overall decriminalization of marijuana it’s an incremental step towards legalization and again we look at Colorado in the United States it’s the test tube of watching what’s happened and most people don’t realize this and I hope you all run this that the child emergency room visits for overdose of marijuana; our opponents say ”you can’t overdose on marijuana’ the facts from Colorado state that the child emergency room visits from marijuana overdose have increased 100% since they’ve legalized marijuana- for teens its increase 400% those are official publications by the state of Colorado.”

The Evangelical churches feel that the decriminalization of marijuana is a step towards legalizing it.