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NEAB says GOB has not responded to their concerns

The National Evangelical Association of Belize also highlighted other issues that they have brought to government. Among these are homosexuality, gender, abortion, and the rights of church-run schools. The Association’s leaders say that back in September of 2016 when it joined the Church-State Commission, discussions among various churches, including the Belize Council of Churches and the Anglican Church on these issues began. There was notable unity and contrary to reports, the Association adds this unity persists today even as some exited the discussions. Unfortunately, the Association says, the government has not responded to their concerns on these matters.

George Ferrar – Secretary of NEAB

“We have found in the course of these nine months that Evangelicals even who had some differences found that we had increasing unity on these issues and with the Catholics too we ended up having great fellowship with them and looking forward to more fellowship with them whether there was a church-state commission or not. But we are very sorry that after all this time, after submitting these well thought out worked out position papers with government officials at our side that they have not responded at all since we put out these position papers in early August. We are calling a response to that. So while we must discuss this issue of decriminalization, it’s a very urgent issue these other issues are urgent as well.”

And what has happened to the morality commission? According to Pastor Scott Stirm, it is nonfunctional.

Scott Stirm – Vice President NEAB

“It is nonexistent and in a best-case scenario, it was an effort that started and never finished, in a worst-case scenario yes it was a kick in a pan down the road just trying to defer some conflict and some disagreement and placate the church and I would say that at least in certain quarters it succeeded. So that is why we are very upset at the things that we see happening in our nation and it raises sever question as to whether or not the government truly has the best interest in mind for the 50% of our nation which is aged 17 and under, the 65% of our nation, almost two thirds,  which is 25 and under. Serious questions.”