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NEAB Speaks of Biased and Corrupt Law Enforcement

The National Evangelical Association of Belize has issued a release surrounding the incident involving Louis Wade Jr and Roberto Montero on November 23, 2016 followed by Wade being charged last week.  The release by the NEAB noted that they are backed up by their more than two hundred and fifty churches nationwide when they express their shock and outrage at the bogus and biased charges brought against Wade.  The document went on to read, quote, “This type of biased and corrupt “law enforcement” happens repeatedly and is part of why crime, violence, injustice, and corruption continue to be the order of the day in our nation. Police have totally ignored and not taken statements from witnesses supporting Pastor Louis Wade’s innocence for 6 long months while embracing multiple bogus witnesses’ version of an event that never occurred.  Nonetheless, the whole event is recorded on video and in the Chronicles of God to whom we will all give answer!  We call upon and demand that the San Ignacio Police as well as national leaders, overseers, and authorities do what is right and in God’s eyes, to love the truth.”  End of quote.  Wade was charged with common assault and use of indecent words. He pled not guilty to both charges and was offered and met bail of four hundred dollars plus one surety of the same amount.