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Neal’s Days Over

Eldred Neal is no longer the president of the Public Service Union. He ended his term in controversy after an audio recording of a conversation was leaked to the media. In that recording, Neal made disparaging remarks about the Garinagu. He was suspended but the matter was resolved before his presidency ended. After the PSU’s AGM in Belmopan on Saturday, Neal told Love News that he is relieved that it is all over.


Eldred Neal, Former President of the Public Service Union:

“Well folks we have concluded our elections, we have a new president I must say I am pretty much relieved, after three months of a number of issues I must say that I am relieved not just at that result of the presidency but at the findings of the day because at least I can say this time around that all the questions that brought my reputation under question was raised and now the union members have one voice in which they can speak and attest to whether or not the attack on my person was relevant or if it was to try to bring the union to some kind of disrepute.”