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Where is Nectali Ico from? Vital Stats doesn’t know but AG says Guatemala

Dolores Village resident Nectali Ico went on national media in March to complain that twice in 2018 he applied for a birth paper at the Vital Statistics Unit. He hoped to vote in the April referendum and he claimed that when he was told the birth certificate was ready, he showed up at the office and became a disenfranchised Belizean as he could not get his birth paper. His case became part of the political banter and on Monday the Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte who takes the responsibility for the Vital Statistics Unit told the Senate that Ico wasn’t born in Belize.

Michael Peyrefitte- Attorney General: “Ico says and I quote “I came in here, took a day off from work” and there is no information about Mr. Ico in the system, you weren’t born here and that is why. Nectali Ico went into the Vital Stats Office to apply for his birth certificate. He was refused, they told him Mr. Ico, there is no record of you in the system, there is no evidence that you were born in Belize. I immediately telephoned the Deputy Registrar in charge of Vital Stats and I asked her to do an investigation. Look up everything that says Ico and tell me what you find? They came back to me and they found that in 2011 and in 2014 this Nectali Ico went with his wife to register the two children at the two different times, you are following me Ico is not your family. They registered their two children: one in 2011 and one in 2014. Everything that was pulled we noticed that on those two birth paper applications Nectali Ico was the father of the two children born at the Western Regional Hospital. Proper documentation the two children were born here no question about it. We issued the birth paper to the two children in 2011 and 2014 but now Ico wants his own birth paper but it turns out that when you apply for a birth paper for your child, you have to give your information too so when I go register my daughter I have to say where I was born and which citizen I am. Guess what Ico has on the two forms for his two kids that he went to register there, born in Guatemala so we told him no wonder you are not in the system. There is no rat eating any paper, man Ico know he was born in Guatemala and Ico is more vex than me and you. Ico is vexed because the people at Vital Stats are not afraid of him and are not afraid of the silly propaganda that the PUP is putting out there about the Vital Stats not doing its job.”