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Negotiations Over CBA for BTL Workers Continue

At this morning’s press conference, CEO Rochus Schreiber said Belize Telemedia has resolved the brief impasse between the company and the Belize Communications Workers Union.  On April 12, B.T.L. employees across the country staged a walkout in protest since the company’s management was reportedly refusing to properly address a labor issue with the Union.  CEO Schreiber says these are being addressed and the work towards the Collective Bargaining Agreement continues.


I’m very pleased to announce that these matters have been resolved since then we continue to meet with the workers union on a weekly basis the requirements and questions which were posed prior to the walkout have been addressed and we are working towards signing a collective bargaining agreement so it’s an ongoing process, it’s a very constructive, productive and friendly open communication that we have between the management and the union. We are doing an activation event, a launch of one of our sites in Punt Gorda and I was on the site in Punta Gorda working alongside with the president of the union at that very same day so the communication and the matters we were resolving as we were going along.”

Belize Telecommunications Limited CEO Rochus Schreiber says that with the new improvements in its infrastructure, they are looking at providing services at much lower costs to consumers.


The rolling out of the modern infrastructure is not only there to provide world-class speeds and experience but also to provide it on a platform that can deliver this in a cost effective way. So we are looking at delivering this experience and providing this in an infrastructure which will allow us to continue lowering the rates to our country. If you look at the rates that we are charging they have been going down continuously and this trend will continue. Once we have the new infrastructure in place we will also be rolling out bundles so that will be another value offer for the customers. We already provide the best value telecommunication value in Belize. Now bundling the broadband with our mobile subscription will be the next step for our customers where they will get a fantastic service at a fraction of the cost that they pay now.”

Schreiber adds that the new improvements on the old infrastructure will also improve connectivity nationwide. And while the company seeks to improve its services, it will continue to assist primary and secondary schools with free internet connection.