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Neighbor Breaks Neighbor’s Jaw over Loud Music

The police department in Cayo raided a farm in Succotz Village. At 6:35 a.m., on Thursday, police visited the farm and found 20 year old  Bryant Nolberto Ramirez, a Guatemalan farmer of Bario Fayabun, Melchor De Mencos, Guatemala and 18 year old Libny Janeth Saquic Aldana, another Guatemalan national. The officers found a 16 gauge shotgun with serial No. 230739, and one Aguila brand 16 gauge shotgun cartridge. Both Garcia and Aldana was escorted to the Benque Viejo Police Station where they were formally arrested and charged with keeping an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

And in the courts, a prison officer, employed by the Kolbe Foundation, the company that manages the Belize Central Prison was lucky in court today as he escaped incarceration because he is a first time offender with a clean record. 39-year-old Michael Gladden, a resident of Crooked Tree Village was convicted of grievous harm after he broke his neighbours left jaw. 53 year old  Benjamin Gentle Sr., 53, says he was left with thousands of dollars of medical bills after the ordeal that left him unable to eat properly for months.    The conviction occurred before Magistrate Khadeen Palmer in Court number 6. The magistrate found Gladden guilty and ordered him to pay the court a fine of $2,500 by August 30, 2019. If he defaults with the payment he could serve two years in prison. The victim was told that if he wants compensation he would need to take out a civil suit for the thousands he wants from Gladden.  Gentle Sr., said he is aware of the proceeding and that his medical bill is over $15,000 and that he has already been looking into taking the matter against Gladden to the next level. But what caused the neighbors to get physical in the first place? Loud music. Gladden apparently went into his neighbor’s home and caught him with a solid right hand to Gentle’s left jaw. Gentle’s 11 year old son witnessed the attack.  Gentle said Gladden claimed he was playing his music inside his home too loud and so he wanted him to lower it.