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Neighbour Complains of Fire Hearth Next Door

Thelma’s Kitchen on Ceasar Ridge Road is a popular restaurant on the south side of Belize City. While many enjoy their food, one person is not happy with Thelma’s Kitchen and that is neighbor, Betty Bradley. Bradley said she has been complaining for some time to officials because the fire hearth used by the owner sends smoke directly into her home on a daily basis.  According to Bradley the smoke has been affecting the quality of life of her family.  Love News visited Bradley’s home where she shared her story.

Bradley says that her son had to relocate because her granddaughter was getting ill due to too much smoke. She told us how the smoke has been affecting her life.

Love News visited the popular restaurant where we spoke with owner, Thelma Arana. She told us Bradley has complained and her business has been inspected by personnel from the Health Department, the Fire Department and the Police however it was decided that the location of the fire hearth does not pose a health risk to her neighbours. Arana said her fire hearth is used only between six to nine o’clock in the morning.