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Nelisha Nolberto gunned down in Belize City

A young woman’s life was cut short on Saturday night in Belize City when two gunmen fired a barrage of bullets at a group the victim was a part of. Reporter Alisha Valentine has that story. NOLBERTO MURDER IN OUT ///
Nelisha Nolberto

A young woman’s life was cut short on Saturday night in Belize City when two gunmen fired a barrage of bullets at a group the victim was a part of.  Reporter Alisha Valentine has that story.

Alisha Valentine, Love FM News: Gun violence spurred over the weekend with several shooting incidents, the most fatal of them all left 21-year-old Nelisha Nolberto lifeless inside her sister’s yard on Saturday night. This incident took place on Pelican Street in Belize City just after six o’clock. Nolberto was with her family members socializing inside a yard when two men entered the yard and fired several shots at the group that was gathered. Senior Superintendent Hilberto Romero gave preliminary details on this latest murder investigation.

Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero, Deputy Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch: “Investigations revealed that she was there along with other family members socializing when two male persons entered a gate and fired shots in their direction causing the fatal injuries to Nolberto. One person is in custody pending investigation into this murder.”

Alisha Valentine, Love FM News: Love News also spoke to her father Nelson Nolberto who stated he was on the phone with her just before the incident took place.

Nelson Nolberto Sr. Father of the Deceased: “My grandson called me and said “Dad, Dad, gunman is in the yard shooting.” I said “What” “Gunman is the yard shooting up.” and so I said “You are safe where you are ?”  and so my wife said “What are they saying?” I said gunman is in the yard shooting up and they were trying to holler for their aunt but they didn’t hear anything. So I asked “Has the gunman left already ?” He said “I think so because they chased the intended target that they wanted” because the person ran out of the yard. And so I told my wife there’s things happening at my daughter’s home because she was at her eldest sister’s home. She was just relaxing staying with her for a little time because she lives right here and she just decided to go over that side for a little time with her and that’s when tragedy struck. We were talking over some months that she wanted to pursue a law degree, she wanted to become an attorney so she said she would have prepared herself for January here in this new year to a paralegal course at Wesley College Sixth Form that’s where she graduated from the sixth form Wesley College and so she wanted to be an attorney. She’s a very artistic person basically because when we have birthdays or parties or so she would be the one to set up all the backgrounds and balloons and what have you. She also did nails and so for people, a very creative person and so we’ll always miss her for her laughter and smile, beautiful smile and those dimples she had. They took away a lot from me.”

Reporter: Nolberto leaves behind a six month old son.