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NEMO continues capacity building for tsunami preparedness

The National Emergency Management Organization has also been actively holding capacity building sessions on tsunami preparedness. Minister Castro told us what improvements have been done in this area.

Edmund Castro, NEMO Minister: “Currently we should be getting some sirens that will be able to assist and enhance the information reaching to the different coastal communities. I don’t think we have them yet but they should be coming in shortly sometime in the pipeline. So we are trying to do our best to improve the system on a daily basis so currently today and for the rest of this week we are having training here in Belmopan,; the different stakeholders as it relates to NEMO and it’s a constant thing- we had some in Belize City and throughout the rest of the country. “

Reporter: Will there be an education campaign extended to the public in terms of tsunami awareness?

Edmund Castro, NEMO Minister: “Definitely we are looking at getting the information from the Tsunami center and also coordinating with the rest of our Caribbean brothers and sisters in the region for us to learn from them as to what they do in that type of disaster such as a tsunami. So we are trying to make sure that we will be able to educate from the primary school kids all the way up to the rest of the general public because imagine if you have a kid at school and then you’re at work so we need to teach them from the primary school stage what to do in the event of a tsunami and also for the parents to know that their kids should be safe.”