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NEMO Continues Relief Efforts and Advisories

The rains have subsided and the waters, particularly in the southern and western parts of the country are rescinding.  But despite an improvement in the weather conditions, many families, farmers and businessmen and women are trying to recover from losses they endured over this weekend flooding.  The National and Emergency Management Organization continues its efforts in aiding the families in those areas and are still actively sending out their advisories.  Advisory number twelve came in this morning, cautioning residents in the communities along the Mopan and Macal Rivers to continue to take the necessary actions to save life and property; adding that the people in Saint Paul’s Bank, Willows Bank, Double Head Cabbage, Bermudian Landing, Isabella Bank, Flowers Bank, Maypen, Scotland Halfmoon, Burrell Boom, Lord’s Bank and Ladyville must maintain a high state of heightened alert.  The release went on to read, quote, “Farmers with livestock are being asked to take the necessary precautions.  In the Toledo District, people that are in shelters in Bladen, Trio and Bella Vista are being assisted by the District emergency teams while assessment of homes, farms, follow up relief and medical checks will continue throughout the day. “End of quote.  As it pertains to the road conditions, NEMO says that the Philip Goldson, George Price and Southern highways are open to traffic from border to border but the Coastal Road is closed.  In Bomba, it is impossible for small vehicles to traverse that road and in Gracie Rock, the road has been closed.  In the western part of the country, the Spanish Lookout roads are closed and so are the Baking Pot Ferry and the Iguana Creek Bridge as well as the Succotz Ferry.  The ATM and Barton Creek caves are also closed and so is the wooden bridge across the Macal River.  The Buena Vista Road is closed but the access route through Bullet Tree Falls Village via the Bullet Tree Bridge is passable as well as the Roaring Creek Bridge.  Clarissa Falls Road is now open and those using the hammock bridge are asked to exercise extreme caution.