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NEMO continues to monitor flood areas in Belmopan

NEMO continues to monitor the situation in flood prone areas of the country. Earlier today correspondent Fem Cruz spoke with the NEMO Coordinator in Belmopan to get an update.

Fem Cruz, Love Fm: After yesterday’s heavy downpour here in Belmopan and surrounding villages a number of families have had to move out of their homes. Today those families are back in their homes trying to put the pieces together. According to NEMO coordinator Claire Moody they continue to address the complaints and concerns that continue to rise.

Claire Moody, NEMO Coordinator: Indeed that was a lot of water yesterday, the creeks were over flooded and I’ve never seen that throughout the whole year for this year. We are looking at everybody’s needs and addressing those who we know sincerely deserve to be addressed immediately. The water has affected the people, we are all affected, but some are affected more than others and we are dealing with the people who are really affected at an immediate point. However we have had a meeting discussing what we can do on a long term basis to avoid this type of situation in the future. We have also had to take a family out and put that family in a housing situation where the government will be responsible to pay the monthly rent until those people can go back to their destination. The other people are there, they have chosen not to move out, they have chosen to go with other friends and families but the water is now down and people have been going back to their homes and have been trying to put their pieces together. However in whatever way that NEMO can help them we are here ready to assist. I walked the streets and areas of the affected areas daily to assure that people are taken care of.