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NEMO issues advisory on Tropical Depression 16

Tropical Depression 16 has formed off the coast of Nicaragua. NEMO has issued its first advisory and it reads, quote, “Tropical Depression Sixteen with maximum sustained winds of 35 miles per hour recently formed off the coast of Nicaragua. TD 16 is located at 12.2 North Latitude and 81.9 West Longitude. It is moving due northwest at 7 miles per hour. It is forecasted to continue move in that direction. If it maintains its projected path based on that forecast it is expected to become a Tropical Storm and by Friday, 6th October 2017 it is expected to be east of Belize, or directly in front of us.” End of quote. NEMO is advising the public to make preparations to protect life and property. If you are at risk to bad weather and flooding start discussing arrangements to move to higher grounds. If you have to seek shelter, know which shelter you will go to and make arrangements on how you will reach the shelter. Start checking on family members and neighbours who may be in need of assistance. Secure as much food and water as possible. Do not venture out to sea after Friday, 6th October 2017. All Fishers and people on the Cayes are hereby strongly urged to monitor and track TD 16. Drivers are reminded to drive with extreme caution, reduce speed and put on your hazard light, when driving in wet conditions.