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NEMO Issues First Advisory for Hurricane Season 2017

Today marks sixteen days into the 2017 hurricane season and already the National Emergency Management Organization NEMO has issued its first advisory.  There is a system in the northwest Caribbean Sea which will have effects on Belize.  Meteorologist Shanea Young explained to Love News what kind of weather is forecast for the next few days; pretty much saying that it is time to dust off your raincoats and prepare for consistent rains.


Over the weekend we are expecting a few showers, periods of rain and isolated thunderstorms over most areas tonight and tomorrow morning and then tomorrow afternoon into Sunday showers and rain and isolated thunderstorms will continue to affect the country but especially over the northern districts. We have been experiencing rain over night and this morning and especially over the southern areas over the past few days so those areas are saturated. The expected showers the southern and low lying areas and also those areas along rivers and streams could expect flooding and should be on alert for flash flooding as well.”

While there are reports of two systems being watched, Meteorologist Young says the disturbance closer to Belize is what is being looked at as it is forecast to merge with a tropical wave.


The two systems are a tropical wave that is over in the tropical atlantic that is not expected to post any threat to Belize anytime in the next few days but the area that is closer to us there is a large area of disturbed weather that has formed over the course of today over the Western Caribbean Sea and adjacent sections of Central America and this system is expected to merge with a tropical wave near Jamaica and move slowly towards the Yucatan Peninsula area over this weekend. Regardless of any development whether it becomes a depression or so in the next few days heavy rains are likely to spread over Central America and the Yucatan which includes Belize and that is the reason we are expecting to experience some showers over the area as the weekend progresses.  Into the next week conditions will continue to be moist and unstable from now until midweek because there is a lot of moisture and instability over the area. The low pressure system to the west of us will still allow some moisture to linger even after it moves out of our area in the next few days.”

Again, NEMO is advising residents in low lying areas to be alert as the persistent rains may lead to localized flooding and flash floods near rivers and streams particularly in the south.