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NEMO launches National Inventory on Radiation Sources

A team from the International Atomic Energy Agency Mission to Belize is in the country carrying out an exercise on potential sources of radiation. The launch of the National Inventory on Radiation Sources was held today at NEMO’s Headquarters in Belmopan.  According to the CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Patrick Andrews, the initiative is the result of the establishment of a National Radiation Safety Infrastructure in Belize.

Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Andrews

“Presently our country has several sources of radiation that are being used in sectors such as the medical and construction sectors, this in turn requires that infrastructure be in place to collectively provide for the protection of workers, patients, the public at large and of course the environment. To roll out this initiative the government of Belize with the assistance of the Department of the Environment and the Belize Defense Force along with the IAEA team will be conducting a national inventory on radiation sources. At the end of this week Belize is expected to have a verified initial inventory of radiation sources, trained local authorities on the establishment and update of the national source inventory as well as a situational report including actions leading to the establishment of the National Regulatory Infrastructure for Radiation Safety compliant with the proper international standards.”

The initiative is spearheaded by the Department of the Environment and the Belize Defence Force.