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NEMO Warns Residents in Flood Prone Areas

The rains continue to be sporadic over various parts of the country and are making it somewhat difficult for the flood prone areas to go back to normal.  The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) continues their efforts in monitoring the situation in various parts and just before five o’clock this evening they issued a Supplementary Advisory.  In that release, NEMO has urged people in Flowers Bank, Bamboo Patch and Texas  Road Areas,  St. Paul’s Bank; Bermudian Landing; Isabela Bank; May Pen; Scotland half-moon; Burrell Boom; Lord’s Bank; Ladyville;  Crooked Tree;  Belama Phases 3  and  4 to  continue taking appropriate actions in view of the rising flood waters in their area.    In  Belama Phases 3 and 4 CEMO will be assisted by the BDF to ferry people over the bad spots which are impassable to small vehicles.   On Wednesday and Thursday, the Coast Guard, NEMO and Area Representative had visited the residents in Gracie Rock and Freetown Sibun and today, the BDF and NEMO personnel are doing follow up assessments in those areas.  The Coastal Road remains closed to traffic.   In Bomba the road is impassable to small vehicles.   Freetown Sibun road is closed.  The Crooked Tree causeway is open.     In Cayo the Spanish lookout road via Baking Pot Ferry is closed.  The Buena Vista road going to San Marcos is still closed.     The Succothz ferry is closed.   ATM and Barton Creek caves remain closed.   Meanwhile, the following crossings and roads are open: the Roaring Creek Bridge; the Iguana Creek Bridge; the low-lying wooden bridge across the Macal River; the access route through Bullet Tree Falls village via the Bullet Tree Bridge; La Clarissa falls; the Hammock bridge in Calla Creek and  Guacamallo Bridge.  In Toledo,  Trio road is open to high vehicles only.  The Monkey River and Boom Creek roads are still closed.   A total of 30 persons are in shelter in Bella Vista.   An assessment team will be checking on them tomorrow to determine if they can return to home.    The Ministry of Human Development personnel from the Relief Supplies Committee completed their assessment of families in all affected communities.  Thirty- nine (39) families in Bladden and  five (5) families in Trio were assisted.   Thirteen (13) families in Bella Vista will be assisted if necessary over the weekend.  Damage Assessment teams had to discontinue their assessments of farms due to flood waters.     The concern, until the flood waters recede, remain the impact on livestock.     The Damage Assessment teams are scheduled to continue on Monday.      People at risk to flooding are being strongly encouraged to protect life, stay out of areas likely to flood and do not cross flood waters especially at night.    NEMO continues to monitor the flood situation in the Belize District and to assist flood victims in the affected communities.