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NEMO Toledo awards outstanding citizens

Paul Mahung reporting …
“After the welcome remarks by Toledo Emergency Operations Center Director Marian Nolberto, NEMO District Committee, remarks were made by Chairperson Mayor Fern Gutierrez. Guest speaker was Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management Edmond Castro.

Edmond Castro – Minister NEMO
“I came here to thank all the representatives of the NEMO Organization, all the public officers; I thank all the volunteers and I thank them and I said that without them we could not be such a wonderful organization saving lives and protecting properties. I thank them for being a part of NEMO through 2017 and I hope that through 2018 that they will continue to serve the people of the Toledo district and without them we can’t look good so I really appreciate and thank them for their hard work.”
Other speakers included Senator Macario Coy and NEMO Southern Regional Coordinator Keith Emmanuel who assisted Minister Castro in presenting outstanding awards to seven recipients of NEMO Toledo.

Keith Emmanuel – NEMO Southern Regional Commander
“It’s a way to say thank you to a group of very special persons who have been outstanding in doing the work they have done for disaster management and disaster risk reduction in this district. We consider them valued members of the District Emergency Committee and the Emergency Operations Center here in the Toledo District. Awards that were given here included the 2017 Emergency Volunteer of the Year. This award was given to Ms. Jacquelyn Burns. We also had the Village Emergency Leader of the Year Award, this was given to Ms. Marlene Alvarez a committed nurse from Trio Village. We had the Emergency Response Team of the Year and this was given to the Department of Agriculture who showed outstanding work during damages last year. Then we had the Emergency Operation Center Participatory Award given to Mr. Lyle Williams for his involvement during every operation of the Center. Then we had Emergency Leader of the Year and this was given to Mr. Floyd Lino. We had the Emergency Teen Spirit Award this was given to Mr. Miguel Guerra from the Department of Works and the most outstanding of all the awardees this year was Ms. Shirleen Bonell from the Department of Treasury and she was given Emergency Worker of the Year Award.”

After the vote of thanks by NEMO Toledo district coordinator Kenton Parham; members of Toledo National Emergency Management Organization enjoyed an appreciation luncheon along with Minister Castro.