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NEMO’s Connection with Mason

At the opening of the 2016 Hurricane Season, the Belize City Council had made a presentation on their plans for search and rescue.  During that briefing, William Mason had done a presentation on the issue and spoke of his group’s role in aiding the Natioanl Emergency Management Organization.  Today, Councillor Philip Willoughby spoke of Mason’s participation.


“At the launch of the 2015 2016 we have to do the preliminaries to check that all committees are where they need to be and that team again was present at the launch. He made presentation and you keep in contact with these groups to say where you are and so forth so they were invited and he gave a presentation but let me say this, he himself or the search and rescue group is not within the formal structure of NEMO nor the CEMO committees. What they do is they provide a support or a volunteer aspect with a commitment to assist ant it is with that view that this group was involved. So it’s not to say that there is anything beyond what the group seeks to do in the time of disaster where search and rescue is concerned and when they come they came fully prepared and ready and that is it. Now in the area of knowing who is what and who is who like I said they came as a group and referred to us so I don’t think it’s in our purview to look at the credentials of individuals and so forth, if that was the case then and APB should have been put out to notify us about the said individual but in the time of a disaster people are rendering assistance and want to help…..”