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NEMO’s Minister Warns of Potential Flooding

The public in the northern part of Belize is advised to keep a close watch on the development of Tropical Storm Franklin. Minister of NEMO Edmund Castro told Love News this evening that Tropical Storm Franklin is expected to bring between three to six inches of rainfall.


NEMO we know the potential of flooding in the northern part of the country but the amount of three to six inches of rainfall might create some problems for us tonight or tomorrow. So as I said we need to stay at the top of our game and make sure that in the event the amount of rainfall hits us in the north area that NEMO will be ready to jump out tomorrow to do the assessment and see how best we can help the affected people in those areas.”


Are there any updates or shifts as to the preparations for the islands?”


None at all especially in the north of San Pedro might definitely be in the path of this system. What we are doing is case by case basis in terms of the buses leaving from Belize City and heading north and from the north heading to Belize City case by case basis we are dealing with that at this time. I would like to tell all viewers to listen to the NEMO advisory and to pay keen attention to the system as it sits in front of us and hopefully we will get through this by tomorrow of this time we will be able to relax and get back to normal.”

The public is asked to remain alert as there is a possibility that Franklin could reach Hurricane strength just before making landfall this evening or tonight.