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NEMO’s Response to fire victims in San Pedro

Love News met with Edmund Castro, the Minister of Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), at its warehouse in Ladyville Village, where he shared NEMO’s plans and its effort to assist the fire victims.  Castro said most of the victims are being sheltered at the Hope Haven Children Center and the Community Center. Since the tragedy occurred, the victims have received food, clothing, water and hygienic products. However, Minister Castro spoke on the additional items NEMO will be providing until the victims are considered to be in a more stable state.

Edmond Castro Minister of Nemo: Well NEMO from newer points of view; we are sending in the basic Nemo packages for the fire victims which include mattress, table top stove, a gas tank, some bedding material and food packs so those are going out today on the barge so tomorrow morning as we had informed them. Tomorrow morning they will be able to go and pick up some of the supplies that we are sending for them. Most of them I believe will be renting and going with families and so on and get back on their feet so we will continue to try and assist them  and help them to try and go on a smoother path.

We also asked Minister Castro about possible assistance to families, particularly those with children who are a couple weeks away from starting the new school year.

Edmond Castro Minister of Nemo: Area representative will do a very good job in terms of assisting some of those students who are going to school in his constituency. Well, most of them already was getting the subsidy anyway so in terms of helping them with school bags and books and thing and so I think area rep Manuel Heradia will do a very good job in trying to assist some of those families students going back to school. We have a very healthy volunteer crew in San Pedro and this is what we observe over and over again so what we are doing is that at the meeting we came up and we advise both the Town council and Nemo and other Nemo volunteers, Red Cross and so on. It’s for those people who would like to volunteer in assisting the Fire Department. They will be bale to come in and we will conduct training for them so that they understand how to operate some of the basic equipment in terms of fire fighting and that will assist us greatly on an island like San Pedro or Caye Caulker by bringing those people and training them to be volunteer fire fighters.

Minister Castro also commended the effectiveness of the fire department in extinguishing the fire despite the difficulties the Fire Service experienced at the site.