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NEMO’s Search and Rescue Forum

The Atlantic Hurricane Season ends on November 30, leaving two more months of potential storms or hurricanes that could affect Belize. Belize’s National Emergency Management Organization, NEMO, is not taking chances as it continues to review and refresh its Emergency Management Plan and the roles and responsibilities of its coordinators, committees and volunteers countrywide. Over the weekend, NEMO coordinators met in Toledo where three Village Leader Conferences were conducted. Over the weekend, NEMO also conducted a Search and Rescue Forum in Belmopan for community volunteers from around the country. NEMO Operations Officer, Major Lionel Cuthkelvin shared more details.

NEMO Operations Officer, Major Lionel Cuthkelvin

“It was aimed directly at volunteers; people from throughout the country that came in that had some degree of search and rescue training organizes by NEMO personnel. Search and rescue is something very important for NEMO. It is part of our operations once there is a disaster because you never know when people may be stranded or need assistance. Most of the time we rely heavily on Police and Coast Guard but in certain cases we do need the support of civilian entities and volunteers and that was one of the main reasons for getting the volunteers countrywide to come in. Let them know that we still appreciate the work that they are doing for us. We provide training for them; we try to look at what additional training is needed, how they stand with their search and rescue equipment if they need anything. We do hope that no disaster strikes but we have to be prepared and as I mentioned Search and Rescue is very important to the operational function of NEMO.”