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Nepal Citizens flagged as high risk

On Tuesday, two citizens of Nepal, a country in Southeast Asia landed on a Copa flight at the Phillip Goldson International Airport. These two persons were deemed as potential security risk however they still managed to set feet on Belizean soil. We understand that three persons from the Immigration Department are being investigated for allegedly facilitating the process. One, in particular, is suspected of wrongdoing because we understand some sort of financial transaction occurred between him and the Nepalese for them to land when they were not supposed to. We are told that the Nepalese were later released. Minister of Immigration Beverly Williams told Love News this morning that she was ‘informed late yesterday evening that indeed there is an investigation ongoing’. According to Minister Williams, that investigation is in relation to some persons who were allowed entry and were indeed flagged as high risk. Williams would not comment further, saying that quote, “this is an ongoing investigation and I cannot say anything other than that at this time.” End of quote.