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Net Vasquez Dies

Former BTL Chairman Nestor ‘Net’ Vasquez passed away earlier today at the Belize Medical Associates.  Vasquez reportedly suffered a fall yesterday which brought on severe head injuries.  He was taken for medical treatment but subsequently passed away.  A statement from the family notes, in part, quote, “he will best be remembered as a nationalist and a patriot.”  End of quote.  Vasquez was a loyal UDP founding member and supporter and was reportedly instrumental in getting the party elected in 1984.  For context on his relationship with former Prime Minister Dean Barrow, we bring back this byte with Barrow from September 2020 when reports surrounding the misuse of monies at Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) surfaced.  

Dean Barrow, Former Prime Minister of Belize: “Net Vasquez has bee one of the persons I have been most admired in my political life. He’s become as you say a very very good friend of mine. I regret greatly that these allegations have been made and that there is some possible involvement in the supposed abuse of the company’s credit card. I don’t know that I can say much more than that not withstanding how I feel about him personally and professionally the matter has to be investigated and the chips will have to fall where they may. 

The United Democratic Party issued a statement earlier today noting, quote, “along with former Prime Minister Sir Manuel Esquivel and other prominent personalities like Curl Thompson, Henry Young, Harry Lawrence and Paul Rodriguez, Vasquez was a member of the Liberal Party which merged with the People’s Development Movement (PDM) led by Dean Lindo and the National Independence Party (NIP) led by Philip Goldson to form the UDP in 1973. Vasquez was a financial advisor to Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel and the first UDP Administration of 1984 and was instrumental in the creation of Belize Telecommunications Limited (BTL), which later became Belize Telemedia Limited, and served as its Chairman for a period. An accountant by profession, he was the owner of Vasquez and Company Accountants. He was also a pioneer in the development of local television in Belize as the founder and proprietor of Tropical Vision Channel 7. Leader of the United Democratic Party Honorable Patrick Faber and the party’s executive, on behalf of the entire membership, extend deepest condolences to the family of Nestor Vasquez Sr. In his honor, the UDP flag is being flown at half-mast until his burial on Friday, April 23.