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New Appointments in the Ministry of Health

Two new appointments have been made in the Ministry of Health. 

Two new appointments have been made in the Ministry of Health.  Janira Mira, the sister to the Minister of State in the Ministry of National Defence Oscar Mira has been appointed as the Manager for the Western Health Region.  Meanwhile the seat for the Deputy Manager for the Western Health Region has been given to Lily Guerra, also relative to a high-ranking doctor in the Briceno administration.  In an interview given to a local news station this week the Acting Director of Health Services, Dr Melissa Diaz-Musa noted that these appointments are not viewed as nepotism as the women are qualified to fill the post.

Melissa Diaz, Acting Director of Health Services: “I believe they both have the qualifications that they need to be in the post. I haven’t met with Ms.Mira myself but I went to San Ignacio last week and I met with Ms.Guerra and the plans for there it’s really good and I just want to reiterate to you that it’s not only about the regional manager but it’s about the team that’s on the ground at Western Region. We have many experienced doctors, nurses, statisticians, we have a big team at Western Region – surveillance officers, public health inspectors so the work continues at all our regions and in fact Western Region is one of the regions we’re looking at to try to get more bed capacity for COVID cases there and I’ve been there a few times over the last week or two and also to Deputy Director of Health Services  we’ve been there and the team is working tirelessly to get that unit up and running and we just want to stay focused on COVID and on the management of COVID, the control of our cases and to ensure that we get our vaccines and continue with our educational aspects.”